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Esee 5 and BK2 have its good points and some drawbacks behind. This is the main reason you have no idea which one you should select for your hunting purpose or anything else. These are folding knives that I/We are going to help you identify the similar points and the differences between them. Keep on reading my/our post! A general comparison between ESEE 5 and BK2. Factors: ESEE 5: Ka-Bar. The BK2 is much cheaper than the ESEE 5, while still having similar quality of the blade steel. The main difference is that the ESEE 5 comes with a few extras already on the knife (kydex sheath and micarta handle scales). These extras can be added the Becker later, and you'll end up paying about the same for the BK2 as the ESEE 5 at that point Le couteau de survie Kabar BK2 est souvent identifié à un couteau de camp. Dans la plupart des cas, il est choisi non pas pour son look, mais bien plus pour ses qualités !Le nom de baptême complet de ce couteau de camp est le KaBar Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade Knife. C'est un couteau de [

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ESEE-5 vs ESEE-6; ESEE-6 vs BK7; Gerber StrongArm vs Prodigy; Buck 102 vs Buck 105; Buck 110 vs Buck 112; BK2 vs BK-22; Best Hunting Knives; Best EDCs Under $50; Survival Knives (w/ Firestarter) Ganzo Knives; Hog Hunting Knives ; Buck 119 Review; Best Gerber Knives; Bushcraft Knives ; $100. BK2 vs BK-22: Which Should You Buy? [2020 Comparison] Posted on December 19, 2020 Written by James. Ontario RAT-5 vs Ka-Bar Becker BK2? Discussion in 'Knives' started by MrParacord, Mar 4, 2014. Tags: becker; bk2; camping; knife; knives; ontario; rat-5; Mar 4, 2014 #1 . MrParacord Moderator. 2,201 0 0. Ive been debating about getting he BK2 for about two to three years. I know the scales leave much to desire and now I can order Micarta scales if I wanted. The RAT-5 on the other had is. Le KA-BAR BK2 Companion est l'un des couteaux les plus lourds de notre gamme. Ce couteau est absolument indestructible. La lame en acier carbone 1095 mesure 6,6 mm d'épaisseur. Ce type d'acier n'est pas résistant à la corrosion. La lame est donc recouverte d'un revêtement noir pour faciliter l'entretien. Son épaisseur et les propriétés de l'acier carbone 1095 rendent ce. AW: Rat cutlery RC-5 ESEE vs. KA-BAR Becker BK2?? Auf die Gefahr hin, dass hier keiner beide Messer zum Vergleichen hat- auf youtube findest du Rewiews zu jedem der beiden Messer. Da die nah beieinander sind, ist höchstens zu überlegen welcher Griff dir mehr zusagt We realize that we have not mentioned the features in Becker BK2 clearly yet, like this one Esee 5 vs Becker BK2. Here they are: 1095 cro-van steel blades: steel blades are mainly made of carbon steel Cro-van. They do not lose their sharp quickly, and when they do, it's easy for the user to sharpen with whetstone. Until now, 1095 cro-van steel was used in many KA-BAR knives. 1/4 inch.

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  1. ESEE-5 vs ESEE-6; ESEE-6 vs BK7; Gerber StrongArm vs Prodigy; Buck 102 vs Buck 105; Buck 110 vs Buck 112; BK2 vs BK-22; Best Hunting Knives; Best EDCs Under $50; Survival Knives (w/ Firestarter) Ganzo Knives; Hog Hunting Knives; Buck 119 Review; Best Gerber Knives; Bushcraft Knives ; $100. ESEE-6 vs BK7: Which Should You Buy? [2020 Comparison] Posted on December 18, 2020 Written by James.
  2. The ESEE-5/6 is also worth mentioning in this category, but they're the same price as the 711, which would IMO is a much better buy. Ahh, who am I kidding? Spring the extra cash for the 711 and if you don't like it, you can sell it for (a lot) more than you paid for it
  3. Instinct de Survie » Survie, bushcraft et matériels » Matériels » Les couteaux et outils coupants » Esee 4 ou Ka-Bar BK2. Esee 4 ou Ka-Bar BK2. Aller à la page: 1, 2 . Message [Page 1 sur 2] 1 Esee 4 ou Ka-Bar BK2 le Ven 6 Oct 2017 - 11:35. cactus. Messages: 450 Date d'inscription: 15/08/2013. Bonjour à tous ! J'aimerai une belle et grosse lame... Revient très souvent le Esee 4, qui a.

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ESEE 4 vs ESEE 5. En terme de dimensions, l'ESEE 5 est tout simplement le grand frère de l'ESEE 4 avec quelques petites différences. Il est difficile de le détecter sur les photos mais l'ESEE 5 a une conception beaucoupl plus robuste grâce à sa lame beaucoup plus épaisse. La différence de poids est, elle, considérable : 210. Here are some pictures of my Ka Bar, Bark River STS5, ESEE 4, and Gunny The Ka Bar and STS are designed for fighting as their primary purpose. #5 Soulriot, Jan 11, 2014. 556dek Loaded Pockets. Joined: Dec 27, 2013 Messages: 52 Likes Received: 192. I have an ESEE 5 that I really like but being a former Marine you have to love a Kabar. Two newer one way older. #6 556dek, Jan 12, 2014. Cobra 6. I've been looking at getting an izula or kabar bk2 for a little bit. I've been looking at each line and like what I see. Are there Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 4. Esee vs Ka-bar. Close. 4. Posted by 5 years ago. Archived. Esee vs Ka-bar. Hey everybody. I've been looking at getting an izula.

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KA-BAR BK2 Becker Companion In Detail Tech Specs: Length- 10-5/8 inches; Blade length- 5-1/4 inches; Weight- 16 ounces; Tang - 0.25 inches; Thickness of Blade- 0.25 inches; The Blade: The blade comes in a drop point shape. It is made of 1095 Crovan steel, a high-carbon steel. It is a durable variety of steel which is popularly used in manufacturing knives. It is also powder-coated, thanks to. Randall's Adventure Training and KA-BAR and well known names in the knife industry with a lot of loyal customers. Stay true to the manufacturer reputation, knifes which come from these lines are high quality and reliable. ESEE 4 vs. BK16, now this is quite a tough match but as long as you know their characteristics clearly, it's not hard to decide. Down below are features and specification. ESEE 6 vs BK2. Both of them are probably two of the most popular survival knives you can opt in the market and for good reasons. They have a great blade quality and the drop point style is effective for various types of tasks out there from splitting small logs to preparing your meals. They are also easy to use and comfortable for light to medium tasks with a slight difference on the handle.

KA-BAR/Becker/ESEE Eskabar BK14 neck knife. Combideals & accessoires. Combideal. 4 évaluation(s) KA-BAR Lake Effect grattoir à glace Un grattoir à glace robuste et pratique Poids : 78 grammes Longueur: 14.9. € 8,96 € 9,95. 10% de bénéfices. Article en stock. Combideal. 26 évaluation(s) Nano-Oil 10w huile d'entretien 8cc/8ml Huile d'entretien haute qualité avec nanotechnologie. €. Visitez eBay pour une grande sélection de ka bar becker bk2. Achetez en toute sécurité et au meilleur prix sur eBay, la livraison est rapide (See also : Esee 5 Vs Becker BK2) On the other hand, ESEE 6 features a longer blade, yet the knife is lighter at 12.0 oz. That is because the blade is thinner. Nevertheless, the total length of the knife is 11.75 inches, and the blade length is significantly longer at 6.50 inches. Because of the longer size, this knife may be a little more difficult to handle. Blade Design The next difference.

ESEE 5 VS BK2- A full comparison of BECKER BK2 ESEE 5 VS BK2- A full comparison of BECKER BK2 VS ESEE 5 Read More Read about ESEE-5 VS Ka-Bar Becker BK2! | The American Beasts by Dutch Bushcraft Knives and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists The fixed-blade measures 5.5 inches long; with the knife's overall length being 10.5 inches. The KA-BAR Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife comes with a comfy handle made of Grivory: a durable and wear-resistant thermoplastic. The ergonomic handle ensures a steady hold, without slippage - even in wet or humid conditions. MOLLE Compatible Sheath. This high-end survival knife includes a. Sinon en comparaison avec un Ka Bar BK2 ou un ESEE 5 c'est principalement la qualité de l'acier (et de fait le prix) qui fait la différence entre ces couteaux, un modèle en CPM3V sera plus résilient et aura un fil plus durable qu'un modèle en 1095 . Message cité 1 fois. korner . Posté le 27-07-2015 à 11:51:15 . mmmhh le real steal watchman dommage que le tarif pique un peu (170$ sur le. KA-BAR BK2 Becker Campanion VS KA-BAR BK22 - Some Key Differences. Sheath: The main Key difference between BK2 and BK22 is the sheath the BK2 comes with a Molded plastic Sheath, on the other hand, the BK22 has a Polyester Sheath, in my opinion, I always go for the Polyester sheath because it helps to keep an edge on your knife better than the plastic sheath. Conclusion. As you can see both.

Here is the earlier version of the ESEE-5, the RC-5, with a BK2 sporting aftermarket Micarta grips. The BK2 was a sale priced $79 locally - with the aftermarket grips - such a deal - I had to get it! The ESEE had been used in the picture - little wear shows on that pebbled finish. It also drags through splitting wood much more than the slicker finish on the BK2. My BK2 definitely looks used. Ka-bar´s 1095 vs ESEE´s 1095. Posted by Caraldc . Forum List Message List New Topic. Caraldc. Ka-bar´s 1095 vs ESEE´s 1095 February 18, 2013 08:59AM Registered: 7 years ago Posts: 305 I´m wondering if anyone has experience with 1095 steel from both companies (ESEE and Ka-bar) using it on big blades for chopping. More specifically I´ve been wondering; how does the Esee Junglas compare to. Ka-Bar Becker BK 2 or Ontario Blackbird SK-5? Need help deciding . Discussion in 'Knives' started by CanadianFireFighter, Oct 19, 2014. CanadianFireFighter Loaded Pockets. Joined: Jan 12, 2014 Messages: 107 Likes Received: 96. I have been wanting to buy a fixed blade knife for a while now, and have pretty much narrowed it down to the BK2 and the SK-5. I am wanting a knife that is full tang.

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dustintarditi Says: November 2, 2011 at 10:37 am. BK2 is a fine knife cursed with a cheap sheath and slippery handles. Many upgrade the handles to canvas micarta and get a quality aftermarket sheath - at which point, you have almost spent as much as purchasing an ESEE 5 (could be a kissing cousin) which has a lifetime no-hassle guarantee KA1257 - Poignard KA-BAR Short Ka-Bar Lame noire semi-dentée de 13,3 cm en acier 1095, longueur totale 23,8 cm, manche Kraton noir, livré avec étui cuir 88.70 € TTC 98.60 € TT Ka-Bar BK2 Becker Campanion. Artikel-Nr.: 619 (7) Auf Lager Lieferzeit: DE 1-3 Werktage, EU 5-7 Werktage. 108,90 € Preis inkl. MwSt Auf einem der Fotos sehen Sie die BK2-Scheide mit montierter ESEE-5 Aufsatztasche (Pouch), die natürlich nicht zum Lieferumfang gehört.- Wir haben die beiden unteren Schrauben von hinten durchgesteckt (Hutmuttern von vorne), da die Schlitze in der BK2. Custom handmade leather sheath for the Becker BK-2 or ESEE 5 (KNIFE IS NOT INCLUDED). Hand stitched with heavy duty wax thread. Hand stitched with heavy duty wax thread. KA BAR BECKER BK-2 ESEE 5 CUSTOM LEATHER SHEATH (SHEATH ONLY) READ DESCRIPTION

KA BAR BECKER BK-2 or ESEE 5 CUSTOM LEATHER SHEATH (SHEATH ONLY) PLEASE INDICATE WHETHER YOU ARE RIGHT OR LEFT HANDED - THANK YOU! KNIFE IS NOT INCLUDED * NOTICE* PLEASE READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION BEFORE BUYING! My sheaths are all handmade - to your specifications - by me here in Florida. Typical time to build your sheath order is 4 WEEKS If that does not work for you, then please DO NOT order. ESEE 5 also has a micarta handle but it is designed to be very comfortable and highly proportioned. It is easy to have a firm grip on the knife and apart from its portability, this unique feature makes it my favorite survival knife. ESEE 5 vs 6 Comparison. ESEE 5. Check Price On Amazon. Key Features of ESEE 5. Design Update - Overall Length. Becker BK22 Vs BK2 Comparison. BK22 Vs BK2 Design and Handle. When it comes to the knife handle and design, we established that both BK22 and BK2 have impressive designs that make them easy and efficient to use. The Becky BK2 has a handle designed with zytel, a high-density plastic. This makes it an impressive tool for regular use KA-BAR Becker Kephart Fixed 5.1 in Blade Walnut Handle, Brown BK62 Overall Length: 9.688 4.7 out of 5 stars 125. $117.97 $ 117. 97. Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 5. FREE Shipping by Amazon. CFK Cutlery Company Handmade Brown Fixed Blade Leather Right Hand Scout Horizontal Knife Sheath & Sharpening Stone Set (Fits BK2 and ESEE 6) CFK138 . 4.4 out of 5 stars 51. $34.99 $ 34. 99. FREE Shipping. WTB: Ka bar bk2, esee 4 or proper ka bar trench knife Thread starter peterock; Start date Jul 20, 2016 Jul 20, 201

Kabar Becker BK2 VS BK22 If you're a hunter, a Kabar Becker BK2 VS BK22 Read More Measures 4 1/4 closed. The Dozier Hunter lockback has a AUS-8A stainless drop point blade with thumb stud. Foliage Green checkered Zytel handles with lanyard hole ESEE 4 vs ESEE 5. In terms of size you could say that the ESEE 5 is simply the big brother of the ESEE 4. That is, however, not really the case. You will hardly spot the differences when you see a picture of both knives, but the ESEE 5 is because of its blade thickness a lot more robust. The difference in weight already gives it away: the ESEE.

The Exclusive Features of The Ka-Bar Becker BK7 Combat Utility Knife. This knife is made by Ethan Becker and manufactured by Ka-Bar.. The Ka-bar Becker BK7 is truly outstanding for all trade of survival cuts on account of its size and weight which makes it a better than average focus ground between passing on a cutting edge and an ax. I have been looking over various researches about on. The KA-BAR Bk2 Companion is one of the heaviest knife in our range. This knife can handle its own. The blade is 6.6 mm thick and made from 1095-carbon steel. This steel, however, is not corrosion-resistant. Fortunately the blade is enhanced with a black coating to make sure maintenance is a lot easier. Thanks to its thickness and the forgiving qualities of the 1095-steel this knife can handle.

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  1. KA BAR BECKER BK-2 ESEE 5 CUSTOM LEATHER SHEATH (SHEATH ONLY) READ DESCRIPTION! $55.00. Free shipping. or Best Offer. Ka-Bar BK2 ~~~~~Free Shipping~~~~~!!! $116.95. Free shipping . Becker BK2 / Kabar Becker Tactical Sheath' W/ FiresteeL i.e. 'New Product' $200.00. $5.99 shipping. Handles for Kabar/Becker BK2 thru BK32, Brazilian ironwood #2. $39.95. $3.50 shipping. Valhalla Custom Kydex.
  2. KA-BAR is proud to be the manufacturer of Becker Knife & Tool products - all brought up to date and approved by Becker himself. Ratings & Reviews; Write a review; Verified Owner Rendez Padgett; Got my BK-2 yesterday and I love it. Did some testing of its chopping, cutting, and battoning capabilities and I am thoroughly impressed. This knife is brutal. The nylon belt strap on the sheath is much.
  3. ESEE-5 vs ESEE-6 - Key Comparisons. On the face of it, these two knives may look very similar. The question of the ESEE-5 vs ESEE-6 is a common one, but it's only when you dive a bit deeper into the specs of both knives you realise they're suited for different purposes. We'll start with the ESEE-5. With a blade length of 5.25.
  4. Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife Overall review. All I can say is that this knife helped me in a big crisis. The good grip, amazing choil system to make fire, the sharpened blade and a good pommel made our adventure less stressful. Our 24 hours stay in that jungle came to an end when we finally found my friend's girlfriend. however, has a simple disadvantage which is it might.
  5. ESEE JUNGLAS VS BECKER BK9 - Bk9 vs Junglas Welcome ESEE JUNGLAS VS BECKER BK9 - Bk9 vs Junglas Read More
  6. Ka Bar BK2FDE BK2 Becker Campanion FDE Handle Hard Black Sheath, Brown 4.7 out of 5 stars 145. $105.41. KA-BAR BKR7-BRK Combat Utility 4.8 out of 5 stars 1,183. 12 offers.

ESEE 5 VS BK2- A full comparison of BECKER BK2 VS ESEE 5

  1. os y Condiciones Política de privacidad. TIENDA. Sobre nosotros Contacto. Email: fundasrk@gmail.com.
  2. KA-BAR is proud to be the manufacturer of Becker Knife & Tool products - all brought up to date and approved by Becker himself. View Thumbnails View Details. to compare items (max. 4) Click. New! (0) ITEM: BK77BLKHNDL Black Micarta Becker Handle Set for Full Size Becker Knives $45.00 These attractive natural canvas Micarta® handles will fit most full size Becker Knives and work with standard.
  3. ESEE MOLLE-back pour Model 5, 6 & Laser Strike, 52MB-K, Khaki: Dos en Cordura compatible MOLLE pour étuis des modèles 5, 6 & Laser Strik
  4. Avant de l'acheté j'ai longtemps hesité entre ce kabar bk2, un mora, un gerber et un esee. Si ca peut aider, voici les raisons pour lesquelles j'ai choisi le kabar bk2. Avant tout, A la reception le kabar bk2 est tout simplement magnifique, la prise en main est agreable et donne un sentiment de confiance. - Sa taille est idéale, du coup il est tres polyvalent (assez petit pour etre discret.
  5. d stepping up to a better manufacturer. **Sheaths are not a huge issue as I'm OKAY with the crappy BK2 sheath. I would like some opinions. If you vote, please post why you made your selection. This is not intended to turn into.
  6. Ka-Bar BK2 Becker Campanion. Artikel-Nr.: 619. 6,4mm starke Flachschliffklinge aus 1095er Carbonstahl, Klingenlänge 13,1cm, Griffschalen Ultramid, MOLLE-kompatible Nylon-Formscheide mit Verschlußlasche.- 108,90 € * Auf Lager Lieferzeit: DE 1-3 Werktage, EU 5-7 Werktage (7) Ka-Bar BK22 Becker Campanion. Artikel-Nr.: 1500. 6,4mm starke Flachschliffklinge aus 1095er Carbonstahl, Klingenlänge.

Alle Ka bar bk2 zusammengefasst. Erfahrungsberichte zu Ka bar bk2 analysiert. Um zu erkennen, dass die Auswirkung von Ka bar bk2 wirklich wohltuend ist, müssen Sie sich die Resultate und Fazite zufriedener Nutzer im Internet anschauen.Forschungsergebnisse können lediglich selten zurate gezogen werden, weil diese ziemlich aufwendig sind und üblicherweise nur Medikamente einschließen In welcher Häufigkeit wird der Ka bar bk2 aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nacheingesetzt werden? Ka Bar BK2FDE Ka-Bar BK2 Becker Campanion FDE Griff harter schwarzer Mantel, braun Full Tang robustes Feldmesser geeignet für Camping-Arbeiten; Limitierte Auflage. Klingenlänge: 13,3 cm. Gesamtlänge: 26,7 cm. 1095 Cro-Van Stahl; Ka-Bar Becker Companion, Black GFN Handle, Black Blade, Plain Edge.

Apr 15, 2020 - We promised... an now we are here to deliver! An ultimate battle between the Esee 5 and the Ka-bar Becker BK2. These two brands are among America's most popu.. Becker BK2 vs. ESEE 5 - I had a hard time deciding between the ESEE 5 and the Laser Strike, but I had an even harder time deciding between the ESEE 5 and the KA-BAR Becker BK2. I watched maybe a dozen YouTube videos on each of these knives, and probably a dozen more comparing them side-by-side, before I was able to come to a decision. In the end, the ESEE 5 won out in my mind. Not everyone is. If you want badass strong, buy ESEE 5. Be done with it. Thoughts on Ka-Bar -vs- Bk2 Ka-Bar I find is a good all around knife , though a bit long for general chores ( pocket knife handles these quite well ) BK2 is as rugged as it gets ( again , a bit awkward for some chores ) Think about what you intend to use it for . If very hard use I'd go with the Becker . :thumb: Save Share. Reply. Leather and Kydex Drop-Leg belt attachmentWill fit: BK2, ESEE 6, 5, CM6 & Laser Strike.N o knife, sheath or Ferro rod included with sale. You will receive one drop leg belt attachment with hardwa

I think ESEE makes some of the best knives when it comes to function vs price. I know you have the ESEE 4 listed, but my choice would have been the ESEE 6. Fallkniven makes some very good knives as well especially if you are looking for Stainless blades. Their F1 in VG10 is equivalent to the ESEE 4 and the S1 (5 inch blade) or A1 (6 inch blade) would both work for a larger knife. If you are. Etui cuir et customisation pour un Ka-Bar BK2 Becker Étui cuir avec port horizontal et module amovible pour port vertical. la paracorde maintien le module supplémentaire et permet de fixer l'étui à la cuisse. On peut varier les montages en utilisant les différents trou de ce même module. j'ai retiré le coating de la lame et texturé la surface de l'acier mise à nu. ;) Publié par. Notre sélection de poignards de la marque KA-BAR. Lame 17,5 cm avec coupe fil en acier 1095 Cro-Van à haute teneur en carbone recouvert d'Epoxy

Revue d'expert KA-BAR Becker BK2 par Padraig Croke

KA-BAR BK2 Becker Campanion Fixed 5-1/4... For all those who camp, hunt or spend time afield. The Campanion works just as happily splitting out kindling as it does prying apart joints and skinning game, not to mention chopping onions for the campfire chili! Sold with a MOLLE compatible hard plastic sheathIf you hunt, camp or spend time afield, we know you will love the Becker Campanion. I. Custom handmade leather sheath for the Becker BK-2 or ESEE 5 (KNIFE IS NOT INCLUDED). Hand stitched with heavy duty wax thread. The sheath can be carried vertically, horizontally, on either the right or left and has a removable dangler loop and firesteel holder

The Esee 5 and BK2 are big thick pieces of steel, and I would consider them more survival knives that can take massive amounts of abuse (survival is a marketing term.. but you get the idea). As far as all around camping knives are concerned, both the Benchmade and Esee 4 would be good choices. The right size, quality steel, good heat treat, well designed, comfortable, etc. My personal. Although KA-BAR markets this for combat utility—and it does have tactical features—the heft of the BK7 allows it to do a very good job with heavier tasks such as chopping wood and batoning. In fact, it batons very nicely, moving through wood evenly and with minimal force required. It can even serve as your machete if you are out bushwhacking. The BK7 is also nicely balanced and feels great. Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife in Fixed-Blade Knives. Skip to main content .ca. Hello Select your address ESEE Model 5. 4.5 out of 5 stars 19. CDN$171.08. Only 6 left in stock. 4000138 Ka-Bar Becker Companion Fixed Blade Knife BK22 4.7 out of 5 stars 583. CDN$153.37 . Only 6 left in stock. KA-BAR BK-10 BECKER CREWMAN FIXED BLADE SURVIVAL KNIFE w/ FRONT POCKET SHEATH 4.7 out. The bk10 is my goto along with my esee izula. Makes a nice bug out set. Yup its my bug out goto. If I trust this tool you can count on it to. One bad ass tool period! !!! Paolo Dolcini; Coltello molto robusto e ben bilanciato; impugnatura comoda e filo molto buono e durevole. Consigliato ; People Also Bought. G10 Becker Handle Set $60.50 KA-BAR Attachment System $13.90 Ek/Jarosz Boot Knife. Video by: gideonstactical Knife on deck: Ka-Bar BK10 Crewman This wicked-looking knife that you're seeing right now is the Ka-Bar BK10 Crewman. It was initially designed to replace the earlier version of the Air Force survival knife. It's a full tang knife that measures a total of 10 7/8 inches. The 5 ½ straight edg

The KA-BAR BK22 is exactly the same as the BK2, the only difference is the sheath. Specifications. Finish blade: dark coating: Blade shape: drop point: Type of edge: plain edge : View all specifications View all specifications. Reviews. Average rating. 27 review(s) Latest reviews Latest review jean michel berenger, bouc bel air. Wednesday 30 December 2020. General score. Price vs. quality.

BK2 vs BK22: Which Of These KA-BAR Knives Should You Buy

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  2. ESEE 6 vs Kabar fighting knife (USMC) EDCForum
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  4. KA-BAR BK2 Becker Companion Fixed Blade Revie

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Knife Review : Ka-Bar Becker Campanion "BK2" (Fixed BladeBushcraft Knife Choice :KBar Becker BK2 | DooviStrapping on the BK-2 Sheath From Hell | Doovi
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